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Damian Quiñones "I Know That You Know That I" @ Songwriter Deathmatch 2/14

"Man with no name" live at Don Pedro's, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

"Coalition of the willing" NPR music "Tiny Desk contest" submission

"For all we think we know" "Tiny Desk contest" submission outtake 

"High noon on Mars" from Sleight of hand in the material realm" 

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All Videos

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Guggenheim Museum/Works and Progress w/Gregory Richardson video by Diego Quintana

Damian Quiñones "Flyers" excerpt (live @ Barbes, Brooklyn, N.Y.) w/projections

Soundtrack Workshop with Damian: Lincoln Center Pop-Up Classroom

Make Your Own Musical Instrument in Damian's Pop-Up Classroom!

Analog Experimentál - Latin Jazz Trio


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